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What is Trust Account Management (TA) Service?

Is TA Service Similar to the Payroll Service?

Are There Similarities Between a Direct-Bill Operation and TA Service?

What is the TA Service Objective?

Why Is TA Service Focused on Solvency?

Why Is TA Service Able to Manage Solvency Better than Current Management Systems?

Why Would an Agency Retain TA Service?

Does TA Service Improve Insurance Agency Financial Performance?

Would Both Large and Small Agencies Benefit from the TA Service?

Does TA Service Compete with Current Agency Management Software Products?

Would TA Service Render Obsolete Current Management Systems?

How Difficult Is the Transition From a Current Management System to the TA Service?

What Does An Agency Need to Do to Retain the TA Service?

How Is TA Service Provided?

Do Agency Personnel Require Training?

What Is the TA Service Scope of Work?

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Trust Account Management Sevice


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