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Trust Account Service Benefits


New Business Model


Outsourcing of the trust account management is conducive of considerable operating cost reduction and unlimited business growth potential.


Workload Reduction

(Estimated for an average commercial insurance agency)


v  CSRs                                   20% to 30%                       

v  Bookkeepers                        70% or more          

v  Producers and Managers      5%-15%


Workload Reduction allows an agency to either:


v  Reduce payroll expenses, or

v  Grow the agency business up to 25% with no additional payroll


Other Financial Opportunities


v  Elimination of bad debts          100% eliminated

v  Additional interest earnings    up to 100% more interest earnings                           


Other Benefits


  Better cash flow

  Reduction of working capital requirements

  Improved customer service

  Higher client retention ratio

  Better agency-carrier business relationship

  Reduced E&O risk exposure

  Fiduciary compliance


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