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These notes are intended to help the reader understand the NOBL reporting system.

1. NOBL technology is policy-driven. All systems currently on the market are invoice-driven. They are all GL accounting-based. Policy-driven management is consistent with insurance industry’s product definition. Insurance policy is insurance industry’s product. Everything revolves around the policy: underwriting, premium quote, payments, endorsements, claims, etc.

Policy financial solvency must be also policy-based. Policy financial solvency is a fiduciary mandate. To manage a policy financial solvency a policy-driven accounting system was developed. NOBL technology is founded on a new accounting system hereon referred to as Trust Ledger (TL) accounting. TL Accounting is different from General Ledger (GL) accounting. All financial solvency reports are generated at the policy level. Financial data are then aggregated to report the solvency of insurance carriers or agency premium funds.

2. Consistent with the policy-driven management concept, the NOBL system generates Account Details in non-accounting format for agency managers, CSRs and accounting personnel. Included on the website are the following samples of Account Details (click on them to display):

3. Financial Solvency Statements include only premium funds; they are separate from the agency financial statements (P&L Statement and Balance Sheet). By generating separate trust account financial statements, the NOBL system enables agencies to protect the confidentiality of their financial statements. The following reports are sampled:

4. Agency Commission Income is calculated and reported based either on sales or premium receipts. Three reports are sampled:

5. To help the agency write producer commission checks, NOBL calculates and reports Producer Commission by policy, by premium item; it also separates agency bill accounts from direct bill accounts. Only one report is sampled:

6. Agency production is reported to help managers analyze the agency performance between specified dates, by producer, CSR, or carrier, agency bill vs. direct bill ratio, etc. Two sample reports are included:

NOBL system currently generates more than 75 production and financial management reports.

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