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Articles written by Paulmar Group Principals:



Hybrid Trust Accounting: What is it?, Chris Marinescu Blogspot, July 2018

Premium Transactions Are Still Managed Manually, Chris Marinescu Blogspot, August 2016

Insurance Trust Accounting: Why is it Different?, Chris Marinescu Blogspot, July 2016

Ground Breaking Accounting System for Insurance Industry, LinkedIn, 2015

Insurance Fiduciary (Trust) Accounting, LinkedIn, 2014

Quick Books Accounting: Is it Adequate for Premium Transactions?, Steve Anderson Newsletter, 2013

Agency Commission Income: Why Do Agencies Struggle With It?, LinkedIn, 2014

P&C Insurance Agencies: Are They More than Sales and Service Operations?, LinkedIn, 2014

Insurance Trust Account Technology, Chris Marinescu Blogspot, April 2013

Part One: Is General Ledger Accounting Adequate for P/C Insurance Premiun Transactions?, Insurance Journal, May 7, 2012

Part Two: Is General Ledger Accounting Adequate for P/C Insurance Premiun Transactions?, Insurance Journal, June 4, 2012


Trust Account Management: Can An Agency Without It?, Agency Equity Website, 2012


What Is A Broker's Biggest Pain, Agency Equity Website, 2012


Agency Commission Income: Can It Be Managed?, Agency Equity Website, 2012


From Concept to Practice - Insurance Trust Account Management, Insurance Journal, August 6, 2012


Financial Solvency Issues in P&C Insurance Industry, Agenda Magazine, January 2009


How Should Agencies Manage Premium Dollars?, Insurance Journal, March 20, 2006


Issues in Current Return Premium Accounting, Insurance Journal, December 5, 2005


Shortcomings in Current Premium Invoice Accounting, Insurance Journal, September 5, 2005


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