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About Us

Paulmar Group, LLC (Paulmar) is a pioneer in insurance trust accounting and financial solvency management services. Paulmar has developed an innovative trust accounting system that leverages the practical benefits of outsourcing.


Paulmar Group is a privately owned Southern California-based service company with main office in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA. Paulmar Group founders have broad experience in the day-to-day management of insurance premium funds, operations management, working knowledge of accounting and financial management as well as analysis and software development.


As the independent agency system becomes more efficient and more profitable, tighter controls over premium fiduciary funds will reassure insurance carriers and regulators the funds are adequately managed in accordance with Insurance Code mandates. Paulmar has dedicated significant resources and years of research to achieve these goals.


Our Vision


Our vision of the P&C insurance brokerage industry has three objectives in focus:


·         Enable P&C insurance agencies to outsource their trust accounting and financial solvency management and re-organize themselves into standard sales and service operations;


·         Help agencies focus their resources exclusively on sales and service;


·         Establish a uniform reporting system of premium financial solvency throughout the independent insurance agency system.


Paulmar Group believes a new management culture is on the horizon in the independent agency system. More research and development is currently underway to integrate premium management operations of the industry’s three major players: retailers, general managing agents (GMAs) and carriers. The goal is to render the independent agency system highly efficient and prevent premium financial insolvencies.




Paulmar founders have developed unique expertise in insurance trust account financial management. They developed new Trust Ledger TM accounting for premium and return premium transactions and the concept of premium financial solvency management. They also developed the insurance Trust Account Technology TM.


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Paulmar Group Principals


Chris Marinescu, CEO


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Emma Hart


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